March 2021

The corona pandemic is very difficult for artists in particular. Musicians, artists, performers - they all suffer massively from the current situation.
So, it´s even more important now to support them as much as possible.

We had a chance to speak to the Mexican artist and painter Laura CoAnd and we are happy to present you some of her works here.
It is also possible to order works from Laura from Switzerland (or Europe),
so if you like something or want to find out more,
 you will find all the information here.

Have fun reading the interview and a big thanks to Laura for telling us
 a little more about herself and her work.

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Laura, Tell us a Little bit more about you…What is your background?

I am a Mexican visual artist, born in Morelia, in the 90's. I grew up in my city and when I was 18 I started traveling and living in different cities of Mexico. Currently I work in my country as a freelancer, the technic I use is acrylic on canvas mainly although I also use different materials such as surfboards, skulls, wood, clothes, stones, etc. I like all kinds of arts, I know how to work sculpture, pyrography, stained glass, I am a dancer, I do performances with fire spinning poi, I make crafts such as masks and dreamcatchers. I enjoy fusing all these elements to create modern mixed art.

How came the arts to you… When and How did you start?

Since I was little I was always drawing, in primary school my classmates liked my drawings so much that they bought them from me, it was very entretaining, that and everything that had to do with expression, such as painting, crafts, dancing , etc. I had practiced various artistic disciplines such as: Spanish dance, flamenco, jazz, painting and drawing, I always enjoyed attending classes.

When I finished high school I moved to another city, to an apartment in the Riviera Maya here in Mexico, it was then when the idea was born, I simply wanted to decorate my new apartment and when doing so, I realized that I could do that professionally, with what I enjoyed the most and living in that area of the country that has always been so touristy. After that I took some courses related with sculpture, drawing of the human body and plastic arts, thus discovering a whole new world of different techniques for me that until now was unknown. By learning about these new skills and some new artists, I discovered my true profession and way of life in art and expression through it. It was definitely one of the best decisions I could have made.

Who are your biggest influences?

My main personal influences were undoubtedly my grandfather, since I was little he spoke to me about sacred geometry, universal consciousness and all new and very interesting topics for me, I was fascinated listening to him, that's how I started to paint geometries and mandalas. Currently I like to read about these topics and then painting something related to what I read, I think it gives more power to my work. People like my mother who is also an artist, whom I admired a lot since I was a child, she supported me with the first art materials and enrolled me in drawing classes, she knew how to support me and guide me on my learning path. My audience is also very important to me, those who contact me to give me their opinions or advice, consult me ​​on a specific topic or who want to buy a work from me, they motivate me.

  On the other hand, many artists are my references for different reasons, from the surrealists: Salvador Dalí and Remedios Varo, from the Post-Impressionists and Impressionists: Van Gogh and Claude Monet, from Renaissance artists like Michelangelo and some others visionary artists like Alex Grey.

How difficult is it right now for you as artist during this pandemic?

This pandemic is and has been a very bizarre situation and different from what we were used to, definitely as an artist it has been difficult to adapt to ¨new normal¨ in many ways such as obtaining materials, sending parcels to certain countries, promoting my art at events face-to-face, etc. But at this moment I feel very enthusiastic to continue as I have solved many of these challenges and thus I have been able to continue with my projects / career. We must make the most of this chaos and in the not too distant future, we hope to have many cultural events and exhibitions that nurture our imagination and give us new experiences and learnings.

What role does the artist have in society?

The artist in society plays a very important role since art and expression are the way of moving and communicating with the world, through art we can release emotions and our ideology with the intention of raising awareness and awakening sensitivity in our viewers . Art is revolutionary, it is full freedom, it is something that inspires happiness in my life, it is an infinite window to self-knowledge and to study life and I hope that by creating and transforming it can transmit the same emotions and feelings to people and to the sociocultural environment.



Where we can find your art and may buy it?

"I am currently working on my new website, at the moment all my clients contact me through social networks such as Facebook: Laura CoAnd Art, Instagram: lauracoand_art, or by email: lau.ppp@hotmail.com, I send national and international shipments"